Back to school

It is the hottest part of the summer and your kids are out of control.  They sleep until noon and stay up until after midnight if you let them.  Most parents, and kids, too feel at least a little pressed for time around the beginning of the school year. So make a checklist to get your family through these dog days of summer and into the back to school mindset.

Crack the whip. Getting the kids back in a routine will help the first few weeks of school go much more smoothly.  Ease them into the new school year by reestablishing regular wake up and bedtimes that incrementally progress toward the school schedule.  If your house looks like a mess, a list of housekeeping chores can also help the kids, and grownups, get back on track.

Hold a scheduling party.  Attendance by all family members is required.  Bring phones, laptops, school … Read More


Your company just promoted you, and you’re a newly minted manager. After a well-deserved celebration and many congratulatory messages, you come face-to-face with one harsh truth that comes with your new role–the lack of empty time slots in your calendar.  In my experience, new managers tend to make one crucial mistake–trying to do it all. They attempt to keep up with their own workload while making themselves constantly available to their team. As noble as those intentions may be, working 15-hour days won’t make you a better leader. After all, no one does their best work when they’re overly stressed.  I learned this the hard way. As soon as I realized that my round-the-clock hours were neither conducive to my work nor my growing family, I made time management a priority. To prevent burnout, I implemented the following five strategies.

Learn how to say no
I get it, saying no to … Read More


Human beings have an amazing ability to learn, but our motivation to do so tends to decrease with age.  As children, we are naturally curious and free to explore the world around us.  As adults, we are much more interested in preserving what we learned, to the point of resisting any information that challenges our views and opinions.  Unsurprisingly, there is now demand for employees who can demonstrate high levels of learnability, the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt one’s skill set to remain employable throughout their working life.

One of the major cultural and intellectual changes of the digital age is that information has been commoditized, and access to it is now ubiquitous. With the right question, we can all pretty much find the answer to anything, so long as we are able to judge if the answer is true.  The main career consequence of this is that … Read More